2019 Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Start the year off right with some simple plumbing maintenance tips that can help save you thousands later in the year.  Commercial properties can be difficult to maintain.  At New Pipes Inc. we help commercial office/ buildings, apartment complexes and HOA communities keep their properties safe all year.  We kept track on what service calls were the most popular and our skilled technicians with over 20 years combined experience listed some plumbing maintenance tips that can be beneficial to some managers.

Regular maintenance can avoid expensive liabilities issues down the line.  Our goal is to give you the necessary information that you need to do to keep your property safe.

5 Plumbing maintenance you need to do January 2019

Schedule an inspection

Many commercial plumbers will offer free plumbing inspections.  This will give you an idea of how your plumbing unit is running currently.  You can also make future plans for maintenance.  Our team gives you a detailed report of our findings and we make it a point to find any and all points of vulnerability that can cause major problems.

Hydro jet cleaning service

hydro jet plumbing maintenance

It is recommended that hydro jet cleaning should be done twice a year.  If you cannot remember the last time your property took time to clean sewer drains, you should call a technician sooner, rather than later.  This service is a powerful tool that can clear out any debris and find different points of vulnerability in your sewer drain.

Test backflow

Multi-unit homes and commercial properties must have backflow prevention devices.  It is also necessary that they undergo backflow testing.  This will ensure that chemicals and other substances are prevented from flowing backward.  Doing this at the beginning of the year will leave the rest of the year with the peace of mind that your property is safe.

Inspect valves

Valve replacements is a popular service year-round.  However, if regularly tested, you can replace the valves before they break.  This can save you emergency service fees later.  To test, you should test a few at a time.  Make sure that they work properly if you feel hesitation or notice corrosion, you should replace them soon.  Maintaining your valves is crucial because this ensures that you can turn off certain sections of your property or building without having to shut down everything in the event of an emergency.

Take care of clogs now

You don’t have to wait for a flood to know that you have a clog on your property.  There are small signs that you should look for.  For example, if you are noticing a delay in water drainage, you could have a clog in your pipes.  Before you do anything too drastic, get your commercial plumber to take a look to assess the issue.

Start 2019 off with a secure property.  These plumbing tips should give you a nice start.  At New Pipes Inc. we believe that we should share our knowledge of plumbing maintenance with our clients.  We build trust between our clients.  With these tips, we hope that it reduces your plumbing emergencies and liabilities.  If you have any plumbing maintenance tips that you think we’ve missed or that you or at the beginning of the year, drop it down in the comments below!

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  1. I wanted to thank you for these plumbing maintenance tips. it’s good to know that you should try to look at the valves and make sure they are working properly. I wonder if you should use the valves as well to check on how easily they can be turned.

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