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3 Signs to Know That You Should Get Your HVAC System Fixed

Sometimes, we take for granted our heaters and cooling systems. When they break down, we come to realize just how much we rely on these systems in our daily lives. That said, how do you know when your heaters or coolers need servicing? Here are a few signs you can keep an eye out for to know that it is time to get your HVAC system fixed.


  1. You Smell Something Funny


If suddenly you smell something funny in the air that you know isn’t supposed to be there, something might be wrong with your HVAC system. The chances are that mold, mildew, or something else must be cleaned out of the system.


If you smell something a little more serious like burning, you should check around immediately. While there are a few causes to a burning smell, one of the most dangerous is shorting of electrical wires or components, as well as an overheating piece of equipment. If you smell this when you switch on your HVAC system, switch it off right away and get it serviced.


  1. You Don’t Feel as Comfortable


If you’ve been using the HVAC system for a while, the chances are that everything is already set in a way that when you switch the systems on, you feel comfortable.


If one day you come back home and switch on the HVAC system and feel like something’s not right, such as the room not being as cool or as warm as it should be, something might be wrong with the system. To add to this, if you find that your electrical bills are rising even if you didn’t change anything in your home or tamper with the thermostat, your HVAC system is most likely isn’t running as efficiently as it used to. Finally, if you don’t feel any air coming out of the vents of the HVAC system, then your blower is likely to have a problem.


If you experience any of these problems, get the HVAC system fixed right away. Not only will this prevent you from having any more uncomfortable days at home, but it’ll help you save money from electrical bills, which will seriously add up in the long run.


  1. You Hear Weird Noises


If you start hearing sounds from your HVAC system that you’re confident it doesn’t typically produce, something’s wrong. At the same time, if it runs louder than average, you’ll need to have the HVAC system checked. That’s because the system isn’t supposed to be producing any out-of-the-ordinary sounds. Instead, it should run quietly in the background to the point that you won’t even notice it.


If you want to check your HVAC system, switch it on, and listen carefully. If you hear grinding, banging, or anything unusual, you know that something is not as it should be. Have a professional inspect the system for you and carry out the repairs.




If you run into any problems with your HVAC system, we highly recommend that you have it fixed immediately. From heating to cooling services, there are many you can hire, and you should not delay the repair. If you take too long, you run the risk of further damaging your HVAC system, or worse, your home.


If you are looking to hire an emergency service to have your HVAC system repaired in Paso Robles, get in touch with us and find out how we can help you!


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