3 Ways to Know Your Water Heater is Failing

3 Ways to Know Your Water Heater is Failing

Your commercial water heaters are vital to maintaining a proper living space for your units.  Broken water heaters can cost property managers and owners a pretty penny.  We get several calls for water heaters that are already broken.  While we are happy to be of service to repair or replace water heaters, we also understand that this poses a great inconvenience to you and your tenants.  Knowing your water heater is failing and what you should be looking for will keep you ahead of the game.  Angry tenants can become a nightmare for you, we are here to help.

This article will cover

In this article, we will be giving you three characteristics that show you that your water heater is failing.  We will also give you a few tips that you can do to help maintain your unit.  We hope we can give you some great information that you can use when you manage your properties.

3 ways to know your water heater is failing  

Rust colored water

Seeing a rusty colored water coming from your unit’s hot side can be a red flag that your water heater is failing.  This sign can mean that your unit can be rusting from the inside out.  Although your unit may look fine from the outside, it is important to pay attention to what is going on inside.

Unsettling sounds

Inside your unit, sediment can assemble at the bottom of your heater unit.  Over time as the material is continuously heated and reheated over time.  If the buildup becomes severe enough it can create a banging or rumbling noise in your water heater.  This sediment if left untreated can cause more wear on your unit.  The sediment can ultimately be the cause of any holes and leaks that can occur.  It is important to recognize your water heater is failing and replace your unit before the leaks occur.

Puddling water on floor

This is a very alarming flag.  If you see any water around your water heater you need to act fast.  First look at your unit.  Make sure that there are no loose pipes that are connected to the unit.  If there are no loose pipes, then this means that your water heater has a leak.  This could come from the sediment we mentioned before, or from regular use.  We recommend you act fast before your leak gets worse.

What do you do about your failing water heater now?

If you believe you have a failing water heater, there are some steps you can take.  First, we recommend contacting your commercial plumber and requesting an inspection.  If you do not have a commercial plumber that you can call to come out to give you an inspection, although it may be a pressing matter, you should take your time to find a commercial contractor that you can call.  A commercial contractor should give you a competitive bid and should first try to find out if they can fix your unit before jumping right to a full replacement.

How can you avoid having a failing water heater?

No one wants to be put into the position of having your water heater fail.  However, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your water heater is well maintained.  First is to have a commercial plumber you can call whenever you have any questions.  When you chose your contractor, you should feel comfortable talking to them and asking any questions about any aspect of the units on your properties.  Second, you want to be sure you are taking advantage of free water heater inspections that your commercial contractor should offer.

How can we help you when your water heater is failing?

New Pipes Inc has helped HOA and apartment complex type buildings with the repair and replacements their water heater units for over 20 years.  We believe in providing the best services for you for the best price.  We understand the importance of maintaining different properties.  Our 24hr emergency plumbing service team is as efficient as they come.  Having issues with your failing water heater?  We provide free water heater inspections year around.

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  1. I am glad you mentioned that rust-colored water is a sign that your water heater is failing. I noticed some strange things about my water heater the other day and had to get it repaired. Thank you for the information on how to know when your heater is failing.

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