4 Benefits of Opting for Expert Water Heater Installation

4 Benefits of Opting for Expert Water Heater Installation

Property owners and community managers should know that installing a water heater is not as simple as it may seem. While there are dozens of YouTube tutorials online that provide step-by-step instructions, they fail to mention that “cutting down on costs” could be a recipe for disaster. Even the smallest mistake during the installation process can cause problems that can lead to property damage, injury, or even death.

4 Reasons to Hire a Water Heater Installation Expert

If you have been considering installing a new water heater without an installation expert, it may be best for you to pause for a moment and rethink. Rather than taking the DIY route to save some costs, here are four reasons you should learn the water heater installation in the hands of experts:

1. To protect occupants from fire and explosion

Water heaters that run on gas, should never be installed by a person without specialized expertise. Gas is extremely flammable, and if connections are not sealed properly, can leak into the home and be the start of a destructive fire. DIY water heater installs aimed at cutting down on costs are not worth putting homeowners and their family’s lives at risk.

2. To keep homeowners safe from health issues

Another problem that arises from an incorrectly installed water heater is the leaking of carbon monoxide. In homes that do not have a proper ventilation system, carbon monoxide can easily build up inside, and it can cause poisoning that often leads to permanent brain damage and even death for anyone who inhales the gas.

Additionally, remember that carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, that can often go undetected without a functional carbon monoxide detector. When it comes to installing products that use natural gas, extreme caution should be taken to not put occupants in harm’s way. Water heater installations are not a job that can afford to have mistakes made or corners cut.

3. To make ensure high-quality materials

Compared to the generic step-by-step videos you will find on YouTube for your water heater installation, a licensed plumber will have the experience and product knowledge to help from start to finish. They will be able to get high-quality water heating systems and have it installed safely and properly.

Moreover, water heater installation experts may be able to recommend money-saving options with suggestions to cut energy costs and properly maintain the appliance.

4. To alleviate stress

When a pro is called in for a water heater installation, the cost doesn’t just cover the product and the service. In a way, hiring a professional also provides safety and peace of mind. Calling up an expert eliminates the time watching DIY videos or experimenting to figure out how to install the heater. Most importantly, safety, possible property damages, or health problems are not a concern when an expert is behind the wheel of an install.


Accruing resources on how to install a water heater may increase confidence but won’t take the place of expert experience and training. Sure, not hiring a professional can cut costs, but remember that the risks far outweigh these momentary benefits. Safety is on the line; keep homeowners, occupants, and homes safe by hiring a water heater installation professional.


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