5 benefits of trenchless pipe repairs (1)

5 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Major sewage repairs can be extremely tricky, even for the most experienced plumbers. The least troubles it can cause are inconveniences brought about by no water supply and loud noises from digging the trench. Major issues, like blockages or breaks, can also occur, leading to flooded basements or backed-up drains. It can also cause significant damage to lawns and landscapes just to get to the affected pipes!

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there is a new application that can solve such problems. Trenchless pipe repairs are now an alternative technique that offers a more affordable and environmentally-friendly solution for repairing sewage lines. It uses only one or two access holes at the entrance and exit of the affected pipes, causing minimal damage.

What are the benefits of trenchless pipe repairs?

Here are five benefits of trenchless pipe repairs:

1. It’s more efficient

The trenchless repair method involves drilling only two holes. Sensors and other machines are then used to detect obstacles on the way, like other pipes, building foundations, and roots. These then allow a plumber to change the course of the pipe accordingly.

Not having to dig a huge trench means plumbers won’t have to spend as much time repairing the sewer line. It reduces repair time to as little as two to three days—or even less!

2. It saves money for everybody

For property managers, this method means saving a lot of money, especially when compared to the consequences of trench repair. Large excavations can completely destroy yards, wasting thousands of dollars’ worth in landscaping costs. These excavations can also destroy roads and lead to even costlier repairs, depending on where the damaged pipes are.

This kind of pipe repair also requires less manpower to get the same job done, so sewage repair services end up costing a bit less. In addition to the plumbers, technicians are required to spend fewer hours working on repairs since it takes less time! Little-to-no digging also requires minimal clean-up costs, which can really ease the overall costs of the operation.

 3. It results in high-quality work, meaning reduced needs for future repairs

The quality of the work done in trenchless repairs outweighs trench repairs quite significantly. These kinds of repairs use cured-in-place liners and seamless PVB piping, which are superior to average pipelines on the market. This perma-liner and epoxy resin can last for over fifty years. As such, problems like rust or corrosion, which cause sewage problems, won’t be an issue for many years.

4. It causes little-to-no interruptions

While this seems like a minor benefit compared to the rest on this list, interruptions caused by trench pipe repairs are a big disruption in people’s daily lives. Not only is the noise unbearable, but water supplies can get cut off, causing interruptions to one’s day.

With trenchless pipe repairs, there is no noisy digging, and no neighbor’s property is affected!

5. It’s environmentally friendly

Since no big holes are dug up in trenchless pipe repairs, it causes only minor ecological damage. The earth and surrounding plants aren’t damaged beyond repair, making it a much more environmentally friendly way to go about major pipe repairs!


Innovative technologies have allowed professional plumbers to address the problems of invasive trench repairs. It has not only proven to be more cost-effective, but it is a more efficient technique overall. Trenchless repair positively impacts people living in affected areas and preserves the environment, making it a sustainable plumbing repair method to utilize for major repairs.

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