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5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Repipe

Many homes in Southern California were built decades ago, which means that the plumbing (among other things) is likely to be just as old unless the residence has been fortunate enough to have new pipes installed.

Is it time to repipe?

It can be difficult to tell when it’s time to repipe your home or if the plumbing in your home is failing due to normal wear and tear. Here are several telltale signals that it’s time to repipe your home. If you have any additional questions about repiping your property, please contact HOA plumbing services.

Pipe Leaks

While it’s not uncommon for pipes to leak at times, it could indicate that your pipes are corroding if you have leaking pipes regularly. Leaks can be incredibly costly, not only in terms of pipe repairs but also in terms of any damage that leaks may cause throughout your home.

If you experience numerous leaks in a short period, you may need to repipe plumbing your property to address the source of the leaks.

The Water Is Discolored

If you detect discolored water, especially when you first turn it on, it strongly indicates that the pipes failed. Pipes will turn brown or red-brown when they begin to rust and corrode, which then discolors the water.

Water Has An Odd Flavor and Smell

If you discover that your water smells or tastes strange, it could signify that your pipes are deteriorating. It could be a one-time issue, but it’s time to repipe your property if it persists or worsens.

There Is Insufficient Water Pressure

Low water pressure may indicate that your home needs to be repiped. When you turn on the shower or a faucet and observe that the water pressure is very low, see if it gets worse or better over time.

If your water pressure is low and getting worse, it may be time to repipe your home.

Corrosion Can Be Seen Visually

This is an apparent one, but if you inspect your pipes in your home and notice rust, it’s a “no brainer” sign that it’s time to repair them.

Finally, having to copper repipe your home can be intimidating and a major burden for any homeowner. However, the ongoing repairs and potential damage caused by not repiping your property and ignoring the underlying problem is not the solution. It can even be more costly and inconvenient than putting it off.

How Do You Go About Repiping Your Home?

Plumbing professionals have the specialized equipment and knowledge needed to repipe your property successfully. While there are various reasons to replace pipes, it’s critical to recognize and resolve the problem before it worsens.


One way to think about or approach repiping your home to get the most out of a much-needed repair is to combine it with a wider update and makeover. If you’ve been considering upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms, this would be the ideal time to do it and replace your plumbing.

At the end of the day, you’re not just wanting to improve your home (and it’s worth it) but also looking to increase your general quality of life and day-to-day experiences in your home!

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