Commercial Property Has a Leak

5 Warning Signs that Your Commercial Property Has a Leak

Water leaks can be the silent killer for businesses and offices.  It can potentially shut down your property for weeks.  However, there are warning signs that will tell if your commercial property has a leak.  It doesn’t matter if it is a small or a large leak, you can be looking at a disastrous outcome.  Finding these early can alleviate some of the cost.  New Pipes Inc. is here to put you ahead of the game.  Look out for these warning signs on your commercial property.  If you believe that your property has a leak, call your commercial plumber immediately.  Most plumbers will conduct a free inspection before giving you a bid.


Our goal is to give you the necessary knowledge to act in the best interest of your property.  Our technicians have seen more than a few leaks in apartment complexes, HOA communities, and commercial offices.  From toilet leaks to insecurities in your plumbing pipes, we want you to feel comfortable assessing a situation if you need to.

Watch out for these warning signs that your property has a leak

  1. Damp locations

If you are noticing that the drywall or ceilings in your property are appearing discolored or damp, you could be looking at a leak.  While this is a helpful indicator that you have a leak, it isn’t helpful to locate the leak.  This sign may be difficult for those who aren’t professionals to accurately locate where the leak may be coming from.  If you are noticing a distinguished color on your ceiling, we recommend calling you commercial plumber immediately.  This could mean that you are taking structural damage, the sooner you can resolve it, the better.

  1. Newly developed cracks

Noticeable cracks should be something that is closely monitored.  This could mean that water is pushing into concrete slabs in the floor or the foundation of your business or property.  Because water is fluid, it won’t push on the concrete evenly which is what creates the cracks to form.  If new cracks begin to develop with dampness constantly puddled or around them, you could be looking at serious plumbing or water problem.

  1. Inconsistent water pressure

Cracks or holes in plumbing pipes could result in low water pressure in your community or property.  If you’re homeowners or tenants are noticing a low water pressure, it could be that the water isn’t flowing properly to the output.  You could be looking at thousands of gallons of water that is being wasted every day if this isn’t resolved properly.

  1. Sudden increase in water payments

Water isn’t cheap.  If you’re noticing a rise in your water bill, you could be looking at a silent leak.  These are leaks that can affect your property but don’t pose any visual flags.  It could be beneficial to have your commercial plumber come to do a free inspection to secure your property from any damage.

  1. Depressions or holes

If you are noticing holes or newly developed depressions around your property, do not ignore it.  If you see holes in the grass or concrete, you should call your plumber immediately.  Schedule an inspection and get a proper diagnostic and find out solutions to move forward.

Our Tips

There are preventative measures that you can take to help protect your property.  With the extensive knowledge that we have in community properties, HOA’s and apartment complexes, we have a bit of an insight view for managers.  Here are some brief tips

New Pipes Inc. is a seasoned company that is in Santa Clara, CA.  We help commercial buildings, HOA buildings and apartment complexes in supporting their various properties.  From HVAC to commercial plumbing services, we have you covered.  Schedule a free inspection with one of our technicians to ensure that your property’s plumbing structure is secure.  If your property has a leak, we are here to help.

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