6 Major Checklist Items for Fall Maintenance for Commercial, Apartment & HOA Communities

6 Major Checklist Items for Fall Maintenance for Commercial, Apartment & HOA Communities

6 Major Checklist Items for Fall Maintenance for Commercial, Apartment & HOA Communities


Fall is the time where people start to turn off the air conditioner and start plugging in space heaters. As for commercial buildings, the US Department of Energy stated that nearly 40% of energy costs are spent on heating and cooling. Now is the time to start your Fall maintenance checklist. This is a complete checklist and will not be limited to only plumbing and HVAC. Let’s get started.

  1. Start clearing the gutters

This will ensure that during the rainy and damp season that your draining systems work to its fullest potential.  Debris in the gutter and draining system can cause water to puddle on roofs. This can cause further damages to roofs. This action should be done at least twice a year depending on how close your property is to trees and foliage.  Gutters can clog your sewer system and result in leaks and holes and slip hazards.

  1. Hydro jett sewer lines

Once it starts raining, leaves and branches will fall into the sewer lines. It is best to have it cleared before the rainy season starts to avoid blockages and backups. With the high-pressure power that the hydro jet brings, your contractors will be able to see any cracks that could otherwise be covered by debris.  Often the buildup can get so severe that the constant pressure can cause pipes to rupture.


The hydro jetting for properties and HOA communities is very important.  Maintaining your pipes is important, but going in and cleaning your pipes is equally as important.  New Pipes Inc. is a company that is committed to helping your communities and properties stay safe. To learn more about the importance of a hydro jet service, please read our blog, Why Hydro Jetting is Important During the Fall.

  1. Start inspecting exterior faucets and sprinklers

Once it starts to get very cold outside. We are talking about freezing temperatures, we want to make sure that your irrigation lines are safe. Make sure to disconnect and drain faucets, and sprinklers because once it starts to get cold, the water in your lines may start to freeze. It gets cold enough, the frozen water in your faucets or sprinklers can make your pipes burst.

  1. Check heating systems

Now is the best time to ensure that your central heating system is in tip-top shape. For apartment buildings, as your tenants to test their heating system so they do not have to go without heat. Commercial properties, it is important that you get your heating inspected and optimized to its fullest potential. This can save money on energy bills and keep tenants happy.

  1. Schedule a roof inspection

Do not wait until the raining season to find out that you have leaks. Save money on costs of additional repairs and emergency calls with a roof inspection. Do not forget to waterproof the ventilation.

  1. Test backup generators & electrical circuits

When it starts raining hard, blackouts start appearing all of the Bay Area. If you do not have a backup generator for your business, get one. This can save you money when the time comes.

Secondly, apartment and commercial should have their circuits checked out. Office space heaters will become a part of everyone’s daily routine. This increases the chance of overloading the circuits. You do not want to blow a fuse or create a fire hazard.


It is important to not delay these maintenance tips.  The earlier action is taken, the more it reduces your probability of liabilities on the property which in turn can save you thousands.  At New Pipes Inc. we perform a variety of services that can help your property maintenance.  We have an experienced staff that has the experience and knowledge that enables them to service properties.  Keep your apartment complexes safe with New Pipes Inc.

If you cannot recall the last your heater and/or duct unit was inspected; you need this service. Our office will be glad to set up an appointment with you that will fit into your schedule. As a property owner, there are many aspects that you need to stay on top of. Let us help. We can schedule an annual service and send you reminders as to when your property is up for its next inspection is due.

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