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7 Garbage Disposal Tips to Keep Your Unit Running Smoothly

A garbage disposal is one of those appliances that can be the most convenient for us, but more often than not we find ourselves repairing it most of the time. Several of these problems are avoidable if you know how to properly use your unit. The tips below are meant to aid you in keeping your unit running smoothly and avoid unnecessary repairs.

7 tips for proper use and care of your garbage disposal

  1. Don’t put the wrong objects down your disposal. 

Your garbage disposal unit is designed to grind food and scraps, anything other than those can potentially damage your unit. Some of the items you should refrain from putting into your unit are animal bones, fat, oil, and any plastic, glass or metal. Another tip is to avoid putting any type of food that expands in water in your unit for they can often clog your disposal unit.

  1. Break up large objects before grinding them. 

If you do wish to put large food scraps down your disposal, break up the scraps into smaller pieces and grind them a bit at a time. Shoveling big scraps in your garbage disposal can clog it, and it can also do a lot of damage to your blade.

  1. Grind ice cubes to help maintain your unit. 

Grinding a few ice cubes once a month will help sharpen your unit’s blades and clear away waste that’s stuck on the walls of your disposal.

  1. Use cold water when running your disposal.

Always run your disposal with cold water. This will help prevent any grease or oils that have made their way down your drain from solidifying and clogging your unit.

  1. Keep your disposal clean. 

After using your disposal, pour a small amount of dish soap down your drain with cold running water. This will help keep your disposal clean and fight off bad smells.

  1. Don’t use drain cleaners on your disposal. 

The chemicals in drain cleaners can damage your disposal. If you have a clog, give a plumber a call or try the step below to fix it instead.

  1. Don’t forget about the reset button. 

If your disposal is acting up, check and see if the reset button at the bottom of the unit has tripped. In the event it is popped out, press it back down and try running it again.

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