COVID-19 Update


Dear Valued Clients,


At New Pipes Inc., we know you are already swamped with information about COVID-19, so we’ve been trying to avoid contributing to the communication overload. However, I want to let you know what we are doing for our part, and how it affects us. In short, we are open for business!


We are considered an “Essential Business” with respect to the Shelter-In-Place order from Santa Clara County. This is both because we provide services that other businesses require, and because we provide professional services necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated services.


So, except for the fact that this is certainly not business as usual, it kind of is. We fully intend to continue to provide the same level of service as always.


It is completely understandable that everyone is asking questions about what this means for them. This is a really strange time, the likes of which none of us has ever experienced. We are excited that we are in a position to continue serving you.


Thank you, as always, for being one of our valued clients!!