Commercial boiler maintenance

Commercial Boiler Maintenance

There are several maintenance projects that property managers must deal with.  Here at new Pipes Inc., we make a point to try to help our clients as much as we can, part of that involves giving advice that is readily available.  When dealing with commercial boiler maintenance, knowing what to check and when to check could save you thousands of dollars in emergency services.  We recently came across a great article that perfectly details the maintenance that goes into caring for a commercial broiler.

The article is great by breaking commercial boiler maintenance into 3 categories:


– Test the low water fuel cutoff

– Blow down the water column and gauge glass

– Inspect for leaks and clean area around the commercial boiler

Every 3 Months:

– Test the safety valve by lifting the hand lever

– Open and close the bottom blowdown valve


– Test and adjust burner operation

– Clean boiler and burner

– Verify operation of all controls and safety devices

– Maintain a current certificate of operation if required

This article does an awesome job by detailing the owner’s responsibilities and what you should be doing to keep your commercial boiler running smoothly.  It also gives you pre-startup and post-startup maintenance actions that you should adhere to.

If you need help with your commercial boiler maintenance we highly recommend looking at this article for proper guidelines.  But, if you do not feel comfortable conducting any maintenance on your own, please contact your local plumber.  Commercial boilers do differ from residential ones, making a mistake can result in a hefty bill.

New Pipes Inc. offers commercial water heater and boiler inspections for your convenience.  We can tell you the best commercial boiler maintenance practices and let you know what you can do to prolong the life of your boiler.  Contact our team and let us help your boiler run smoothly.

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