5 Common Commercial Boiler Problems and How to Solve Them

5 Common Commercial Boiler Problems and How to Solve Them

Commercial boilers make it possible to provide heat in an office, a building, a school, an apartment, and other properties. They are also helpful in water-related services like laundry shops, cleaning services, and the like. If appropriately maintained, a commercial boiler can last for at least 15 years. To keep your system in good condition, you need to know what commercial boiler problems it usually encounters.

What Are Some Common Commercial Boiler Problems?

Do you own a building or a business that requires you to maintain a commercial boiler? If so, here are the top commercial boiler problems you should watch out for and the immediate fix you can do for each situation.

1. Immensely low or zero heat production

When a heating system does not perform its primary function of providing heat, that is one problem you should not ignore. There are many possible reasons behind a boiler’s malfunction. It can be because of blocked burners due to debris or dust. When you have dirty burners, the dirt can block the heat that is supposed to be released from the system. When that continues, it can lead to a fire.

How do you fix a boiler that isn’t heating water? The Fix:

As soon as you experience a problem with your boiler not heating properly, contact an expert to check the condition of the machine. There are several other reasons behind the boiler’s underperformance, such as a broken thermostat, a faulty ignition, a damaged pump, and more. Call emergency plumbers who can help you find the right solution to the problem.

2. Your boiler is leaking

One of the different factors that can cause a boiler to leak is a damaged material. Condensation is another typical cause of water leaks.

What to do if your boiler is leaking? The Fix:

It may be costly, but the only way to fix a corroded boiler is to replace your boiler tank with a new one. If it experienced problems like a faulty pressure relief valve, it could still be repaired by a professional.

3. You hear kettling and other noises

Hearing different noises coming off your boiler may suggest any of these problems: low water pressure or limescale buildup on your boiler’s heat exchanger. When any of these happens, your boiler works harder than usual, that is why it produces unnecessary sounds.

Why is my boiler making noise? The Fix:

Check if the gas pressure, gas piping, exhaust, and air intake are working properly. Making sure that they are all in good condition would also prevent any internal pressure from building up.

4. There is low system pressure

Keeping the steam within the boiler is vital to maintain proper system pressure and heated water. When your boiler loses steam because of leakage, you tend to get inconsistent heat distribution and water pressure.

How do I fix low pressure on my boiler? The Fix:

Regularly check your boiler’s system pressure. Any changes can indicate that there is a problem with your pump or steam trap. A heating service provider can help you assess and fix the issue.

5. Automatic shutting off of your boiler

When your boiler shuts off on its own, there must be problems with the thermostat or the air pressure. It may also have a damaged pump or valve blockages.

Why does my boiler keep turning itself off? The Fix:

If you try to turn it on, and it was not successful, you need to have a heating system expert observe, check, and fix it.


Commercial boilers are specially constructed to handle large water loads. However, that does not mean that they will not be prone to breakage or damage. Regular checking of their condition and knowledge about how to fix them properly can help lengthen their lifespan. Make sure to take note of the common commercial boiler problems we mentioned above.

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