3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Property is in Need of a Commercial Boiler Repair

3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Property is in Need of a Commercial Boiler Repair

Boilers are a fundamental unit that provides proper heating in residential and commercial properties alike, keeping homes, schools, offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, and more functional and liveable. It’s for this reason that avoiding a commercial boiler repair should take priority for your property.

Commercial boilers are in a different ballpark compared to the units you’d find at home since it is designed to handle large environments at a more efficient rate, which means any trouble that compromises its efficiency can wreak havoc on the property in more ways than ever. With proper maintenance and regular professional service, most boiler problems can be avoided. For those problems that can’t, and for units that have been neglected, you may need to call for a commercial boiler repair.

3 Signs Your Property is in Need of Commercial Boiler Repair

Suppose you want to mitigate blunders that can drive up your utility costs and other issues that put the property at risk. In that case, the list below explores some common signs that could mean it’s time to call for a commercial boiler repair:

Sign #1: Old Age

Commercial boilers are built to withstand wear-and-tear for years, but pushing it beyond its standard ten-year shelf life can leave it more susceptible to breakdowns the older it gets. Failing to upgrade your commercial boiler will only give more trouble than it’s worth, so be sure to make general repairs to keep it going for as long as it can handle.

Ensure that you are getting the longest life out of your boiler by maintaining a consistent schedule for routine service and upkeep. It’s crucial to extend the life of your vital equipment to have regular inspections and tune-ups performed to avoid large problems that can quickly wear done your systems and shorten their lifespan.

Sign #2: Spiking Utility Costs

When a commercial boiler fails to perform appropriately, one of the worst consequences is its significant effects on the electricity bill. Boilers that don’t run efficiently will make it work harder than it should be, which can drive up your monthly utilities and leave a dent in your pockets the longer it remains faulty.

Random spikes can be a good indicator that something with your boiler is amiss. Don’t wait for a critical failure before reaching out for professional repair when you notice inconsistencies with your utility costs.

Sign #3: Loud Noises

Commercial boilers naturally produce low, humming noises when running, but attention-grabbing sounds like loud whistling, gurgling, or banging is an audible indication that there’s something amiss with the unit.

Pressure issues are typically the primary culprit behind these alarming noises, and these blockages call for immediate attention as it can result in low system pressure. Other reasons behind the unusual noises include limescale buildup and worn-out internal parts.

The Bottom Line

Commercial boilers play a pivotal role in maintaining a functional and comfortable environment in different buildings and facilities. It’s a unit that is rarely given a second thought in heating systems, but any trouble left unchecked can result in severe repercussions from equipment breakdowns, freezing spaces, and other costly interruptions.

Knowing the primary signs that indicate problems with your commercial boiler can make all the difference in your productivity, so be sure to keep a keen eye on the red flags above and put a reliable boiler repair service on speed dial once you spot them.

Finding the best commercial plumbers in your local area can be tricky, especially with plenty of options in the market. If you’re experiencing issues with your commercial boiler, our 24-hour services in the SF Bay Area can address your faulty HVAC and put your unit back up to speed with little-to-no downtime. Contact our team today.


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