Commercial Plumbing and Building Codes

Commercial Plumbing and Building Codes

Does it matter?

Yes, commercial plumbing and building codes are virtually a packaged deal. Any large scale plumbing project most likely have city or state codes it must follow. We do work for most, if not all the Bay Area in California. We hold the responsibility for every project that we do, to know all the building codes for that area. What Does “Up to Code” Mean? is an article that was published for readers to better understand building codes. Our company, New Pipes Inc., was made to provide prime commercial plumbing services to as far as we can reach. We educate all our employees about building codes in each district.

An experienced commercial plumber should know the building codes. No exceptions!

The article does a nice job of summarizing the responsibilities that commercial companies must take on when working on buildings. Codes are a set of regulations determined by the government to ensure the safety of building occupants and surrounding bystanders. If you are looking for a new commercial plumber to work on your building, do not hesitate to do extended research about building codes in your area. Also, ask your plumbing contractor about building codes in your area.

When they come into play:

Small construction projects such as installing garbage disposal units in the office breakroom, do not usually constitute a checkup on building codes. Though projects such as repiping or installing a water heater, you may want to talk to your plumber and do research before doing any construction.

New Pipes Inc. is an experienced commercial plumber; we understand that servicing multiple cities means that we may be dealing with different codes. We take the time to sit down and understand all the codes before starting any project. As a building owner, we understand that you want to keep your occupants safe and happy. We take time to understand what you need and work with you.

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