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Common Commercial Garbage Disposal Issues

As long as it functions correctly, most commercial kitchen equipment can help your restaurant run smoothly. Commercial waste disposals unquestionably fall within that heading. Commercial trash disposal issues in your bar or restaurant can give you headaches, produce unpleasant aromas, and necessitate an unwelcome trip to the plumber. Commercial disposer troubles in a huge, busy commercial kitchen can lead to even worse problems if they occur during a hectic dinner rush.

Repairing or replacing commercial waste disposal may be pricey. They may also interfere with operations and reduce the efficiency needed to keep large commercial kitchens operating smoothly. Here are some typical issues with commercial garbage disposals and where you can find garbage disposal replacements.

Common Issues With Commercial Garbage Disposal

You’ve probably encountered one or more of these issues if your commercial kitchen has a restaurant waste disposal. Despite being a nuisance, they don’t necessarily require expert assistance. Here are a few quick remedies that you may attempt on your own.

Leaking Commercial Garbage Disposer

Your restaurant’s disposal unit may experience leaks in several locations and for a few distinct causes. Most occur on a component known as the sink flange, which connects the disposal and the sink at the top of the commercial disposal machine. If you’re lucky, the leak is caused by a faulty gasket at the location where the sink drain and commercial disposer unit are connected. That gasket replacement is quick, simple, and reasonably priced.

Other prevalent culprits are mounting bolts that are rusted or loose and leaking or damaged pipe seals. If a visual inspection doesn’t reveal the source of the leak, you could think about paying more attention to those three components. If not, a pipe leak repair specialist has to be contacted.

It might take some time before a leaking commercial garbage disposal is discovered. Commercial kitchens may have to cope with slip-and-fall risks, health inspector violations, water damage to the tiles under the commercial disposal, and the unpleasant aromas caused by leaks.

Clogged Garbage Disposals At Restaurants

You’re eventually asking for a clog if your kitchen staff tends to send a lot of food down your business disposal. Preventing business waste disposal clogs from occurring in the first place is the best cure. Before, during, and especially after disposing of any food waste, make sure to run water through your restaurant garbage grinder. After food has been ground, 20 seconds of water is typically sufficient to clean the pipes thoroughly.

Thee are several potential sites for clogging in your business waste disposal. The drain itself should be the first place to look. You may frequently spot these kinds of obstructions using the illumination on your smartphone. Before clearing the most obvious drain jams, always switch off the electricity to your restaurant’s waste disposal. The last thing you need is for one of your staff members to get hurt while clearing out blocked industrial garbage disposal.

Another place where your restaurant’s garbage disposal may clog is at the flywheel within the unit’s housing. You can attempt to remove these obstructions yourself if you have a wrench for your business disposal. The remainder of your plumbing system may have problems if the restaurant waste disposals aren’t operating properly. Poor business disposal procedures might lead to clogged drainage systems. Eggshells or cooking oil can accumulate over time if the pipes aren’t thoroughly flushed.

If these obstructions are ignored, professional drain and pipe cleaning services as part of commercial plumbing services may be necessary to clear them.

Conclusion: Proper Care

Businesses must be aware of a few common issues with commercial waste disposal. First, fats and grease may block pipes and drains. Second, food scraps can attract vermin and pests. Finally, improper disposal of hazardous materials can lead to environmental contamination. By being aware of these problems and taking steps to prevent them, businesses can ensure that their garbage disposal system runs smoothly.

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