4 Ignored Plumbing Problems & Why They Should Be Addressed - What to Know

4 Ignored Plumbing Problems & Why They Should Be Addressed – What to Know

You might have had a gurgling tap or a toilet that is slow to flush, and thought nothing of it. After all, the pipes are still working—they may just need a little time. However, these occurrences may be a sign of underlying issues with the plumbing systems, which might affect the house and its surrounding community in the long run.

Commonly Ignored Plumbing Problems

In this article, we will share with you four commonly ignored plumbing problems that may be a symptom of something bigger:

1. Clanging or whistling – something is loose

If you hear a banging noise when you use your faucet, you may have loose pipes. Plumbing comes loose because of wear and tear, or because there are small parts, such as washers that might not be attached properly. If you have multiple loose pipes, they might bump into each other, which also causes a clanking noise.

Meanwhile, whistling noises are from airflow restrictions, such as dents in the pipes. There is less room, which causes an increase in water pressure, and leads to air and liquid being forced out. A dented pipe will lead to a leak, so you should have your plumbing seen as soon as you spot it.

2. Odors and slow drainage – backed up sewage

When your sink drain refuses to empty or your toilet flushes slowly, it usually means you have a broken pipe or backups in your sewage. If the pipes release a foul odor, it means the sewage is not being carried properly from your house to the city lines. Aside from being a nuisance, backed up sewage is also a health concern. When a backed-up pipe system is left untreated, it can cause damage to the walls or nearby furniture.

Aside from damaging property, backups are also health hazards. Harmful bacteria like leptospirosis, E. coli, and salmonella thrive in sewer water. If you suspect clogged drainage, have it cleaned up by a licensed plumbing service right away.

3. Discolored water – corroded metals

If your water turns brown or begins to smell metallic, it may be time to replace the pipes because discolored water usually means corrosion or deterioration in the plumbing. This is caused by mineral buildup, high pH levels in the water, or chemical drain cleaners.

If this goes untreated, it will pose a health risk, especially if you use the water for drinking or bathing. Metals like copper and lead leaching into the water supply can be especially harmful when ingested. Corroded pipes also cause other leaks and clogs elsewhere in your plumbing system that could lead to bigger problems.

It is best to have your pipes examined if you think you have this problem. Corrosion sometimes does not discolor, but if your water has a metallic taste or if your pipes have blue-green or rusty brown stains, have them checked immediately.

4. Wet spots – broken or burst pipe

If your plumbing seems fine, but you spot rings on your ceiling, or if you have unexplained damp areas in your walls or out in the yard, you may have an underlying burst pipe. Some water leaks are easy to spot, but others may be behind walls or ceilings. Damp walls and puddles are almost always a sign of a plumbing problem.

Sinkholes in the yard are also signs of a break in the main underground pipes. This may be a safety concern for households with small children and animals.

Final words

A leaking faucet is more than an inconvenience, it can be a serious plumbing problem. Since you use water for nearly all household tasks, a compromised plumbing system poses various health and safety concerns. It is important to keep your pipes in top condition and be aware of issues that may be arising. If you spot any of these, it is important that you get your pipes checked by a qualified professional as soon as possible.

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