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Beware These 5 Misconceptions About Your Commercial HVAC System

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Though in California our winters do not get as cold as other states, it will still make us put on our extra coat and order our pumpkin spice latte. For business owners or building owners, it is important to keep their tenants warm for winter. The absolute last thing that building owners want to hear is that their HVAC unit is down. Many problems with commercial HVAC systems will start small and are often ignored, causing the problem to build.  Keep in mind these 5 misconceptions about your commercial HVAC system.

  1. If it doesn’t look broken, it doesn’t need fixing.

Many of times commercial HVAC systems will run for quite a while with a broken part. There are times where that one broken part will cause a more damaging effect on your system. It is important to be able to schedule regular inspections to be able to catch problems before it turns serious.

  1. You don’t need help changing air filters.

Air filters for commercial HVAC systems can be difficult to change. If you are not familiar with your HVAC unit it is best to call a professional to help change it. If air filters are not replaced properly, it can potentially allow dirt and other debris into your unit.

  1. Closing vents when it is cold will keep the room warmer.

Our winters can be cold, and there are times where building owners will close vents to “maintain the heat”. Though, closing vents can at times cause more harm than good. Your commercial HVAC system needs to be able to vent and circulate. Closing vents can allow mold and debris that would cycle its way through the vents to build into your system.

  1. Moving the thermostat all the way up will hear your building faster.

Sadly, this is not the case. It would be nice if we were to come into our building and we can tell the thermostat to make it warm. Unfortunately, the higher you move your thermostat for your commercial HVAC system it does not make it work faster or harder. It can also damage your system, allowing your unit to heat up gradually will allow your unit to work to its potential.

  1. Turning your commercial HVAC system on/off will conserve energy.

You may feel obligated to turn your unit off when you leave your office. You may feel that you are saving energy by doing so. This, unfortunately, is not the case, you are doing the opposite. Turning your unit on and off every day uses more energy. The energy that is needed to turn it on every day will use the same if not more energy than having it on all night. If you would like to conserve energy with your commercial HVAC system, getting a programmable thermostat will be the way to go. This will ensure that business owners can run their HVAC system on their business schedule.

New Pipes Inc. is specialized when working with commercial HVAC systems. With winter approaching, soon, all building owners should be sure that their unit is running to its fullest potential. For all building owners, there are many misconceptions about HVAC units. If you are ever unsure about your HVAC unit you should always contact one of our professionals. We are more than happy to set up an appointment to look at your HVAC unit and provide you with our professional diagnostic and a free quote.

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