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Trenchless Plumbing Solutions

Trenchless Plumbing

Trenchless plumbing sewer line repairs have become a preferred method of sewer pipe by both homeowners and commercial property owners.  The methods used by New Pipes Inc. in trenchless sewer line repair save our customer both time, money and additional liability.

To understand the difference between trenchless sewer line replacement, one must understand the disadvantages of traditional sewer line replacement.

The disadvantage of traditional sewer line replacement:

  • Digging adds labor time, which significantly impacts the project cost.
  • Trenching also ruins hardscapes (sidewalks & driveways), tears up the landscape and then you have to pay to get them replaced.
  • Dealing with City Owned Property – this can add up to 20% more in additional

New Pipes Inc.’s advises their clients on their options including using trenchless sewer line replacement as a solution based on their individual situation.  There are two different trenchless pipe replacement methods we use, “Pipe Bursting” and “Directional Drilling Pipe Replacement”. Before these methods can be applied New Pipes Inc. must clear the sewer line of roots, dirt, and other debris.

Pipe Bursting

This method involves digging an access hole to pull a new pipe through the original sewer line, which does two things it places the new pipe exactly where the old one is and pushes the damaged one out.

Directional Drilling

This method utilizes a specialized drill to bore under the surface of the property, which will not ruin your hardscape or landscape.  Then, a new pipe is run through the newly created hole.  This option is just as effective as a pipe bursting.

Trenchless plumbing, sewer line replacement, is a great solution; however, it always depends on your unique situation.  New Pipe Inc. has the professionals that can advise you on the best options for your specific needs.  At times, the cost of the trenchless sewer pipe replacement can exceed the cost of traditional sewer line replacement, that’s is why it is good to have a partner like New Pipes, Inc. that can take a holistic assessment of your situation to give you the best options available.

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