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Annual Heater and Duct Inspection

Annual Heater and Duct Inspection: Prepare for the colder weather and higher winds because winter is officially here. We prepare for winter by wearing that extra layer or making a steaming cup of coffee or tea for the office in the morning. Though what about your heater and ducts, are they prepared?

In California, we may not have the coldest winter season, though it does get chillier than we are used to. The last thing that building owners would want to deal with is their tenants needing to wear jackets and bringing in their own blankets in due to the lack of power that your heater is giving off. An annual heater and duct inspection of your commercial property are essential to your unit running to its fullest potential.

Protect your building this winter with a heater and duct inspection.

This winter, New Pipes Inc. is conducting a heater and duct inspection for $129. An average inspection can cost on average about $340 and on the higher end can cost $650. Our goal is to service the Bay Area with professional services at a price that you can afford. We understand that this service is very important to your property for winter.

Why get a heater and duct inspection?

– Save money on emergency services.

– Keep your tenants happy with a warm building.

– Clogged ducts will prevent air ventilation.

– Cleared ducts and a well-kept heater can reduce electricity bill.

What our services will provide:

– Motor and amp report

– Heat exchange inspection with camera

– C/O test

– Inspection of ductwork

– Cabinet cleaning

– Filter changing

– Detailed written report

If you cannot recall the last your heater and/or duct unit was inspected, you need this service. Our office will be glad to set up an appointment with you that will fit into your schedule. As a property owner, there are many aspects that you need to stay on top of. Let us help. We can schedule an annual service and send you reminders as to when your property is up for its next inspection is due.

Set up and appointment online: https://newpipesinc.com/heater-duct-inspection/

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  1. I told a co-worker before I left that even though we d had no problems with either heater for 10 years, we probably would after they were inspected,and tuned .

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