Home HVAC Maintenance

Home HVAC Maintenance: Why It’s Important

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are integral to California homes. Without properly working HVAC systems, temperature regulation will be a literal headache, especially with the blistering summers and chilling winters akin to California.

Home HVAC Maintenance: Why It’s Important

Many don’t realize the importance of an HVAC system in their residence—especially if they’re just renting the house or the unit. As the caretaker of a commercial residence, it falls within your duty to ensure that your tenant’s temperature regulation systems are always working. To ensure this, regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary—which is where the help of a heating and cooling service can come in handy.

Why is it important?

HVAC systems are delicate machinery comprised of motors, fans, and pipes—all of which need to be carefully maintained for proper working capacity. Without regular home HVAC maintenance and cleaning, it can affect its capability of regulating the temperature, inevitably ending with you getting complaints from your tenants.

To drive that point further, here are four basic points why regular home HVAC maintenance systems is necessary.

It avoids health risks

Without proper cleaning, it is entirely possible for your ducts to be infested with mold. Although it won’t immediately show, your tenants could get more and more sick the longer they stay in your commercial residence. The growth of mold can become difficult to eradicate once it spreads—so regular HVAC cleaning services should be employed.

It keeps your system efficient

Dirty and poorly maintained machinery tends to be less efficient in their duties. HVAC systems, in particular, have motors and tubes running around your house—if any of these fails or is hampered, then you won’t achieve the temperature you’re setting it out to do.

It reduces the chances of breaking

The mechanism behind HVAC is more delicate than it seems. Blockages can stop motor fans from running, loose insulations won’t distribute the heat and cold equally across rooms, and broken coils will ultimately cause your system to malfunction entirely.

It will save money

Many would think that regular maintenance is merely an added expense, but utilizing an HVAC maintenance service will actually save you money in the long run. Your power consumption won’t be as strained if your HVAC is running with full efficiency while avoiding breakages means minimized costs for repairs.

How often should I maintain my HVAC system?

Your HVAC system has multiple parts that require regular maintenance: the filters, strainers, coils, tubes, fans, and even the controls all need regular maintenance check-ups.

Filters, strainers, coils, and tubes require an annual cleaning—depending of course on the area you live in. Areas that are close to woods, beaches, or even dusty areas need more frequent cleaning for optimal efficiency. Your controls and fans, on the other hand, require annual maintenance checks for re-calibration and stress-testing.


While it is entirely possible to do some of these by your own hand in order to save money, there is a likelihood that you can make the situation even worse. For the best results, taking on a licensed professional for your home HVAC maintenance and cleaning is recommended. As this is, in general, on an annual basis, you can save a lot of money with periodic check-ups from a local provider.

Looking for an home HVAC maintenance and cleaning service in Santa Clara, CA? Get in touch with us and let us worry about your HVAC systems for you.

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