5 Tips to Keep Cool in a Home Without AC

5 Tips to Keep Cool in a Home Without AC

With temperatures that can reach triple digits during the summer, keeping homes cool can be a challenge.  Although having an air conditioning unit can come in handy, your bill at the end of the month can be a nightmare.

If this story sounds all too familiar and you’re tired of feeling stuck between roasting in your home and spending a small fortune to run your AC, you may be looking for ways to stay cool this summer without AC. Whether you have air conditioning or not, you can benefit from cost-effective methods of keeping your home’s temperature under control.

Check out our tips to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly.

How to Keep Cool in a Home Without AC

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, there are still ways to reduce the heat and keep air circulating. Take a look at our tips below for keeping cool in a home without AC:

1. Make a mister out of your fan

Our first tip to keep cool at home without AC is to place a cup or bowl filled with ice cubes in front of your fan to create your own mister.  As the ice melts, your fan will pick up the cool water and lightly spray it.  It will also encourage cool air to be circulated, instead of warm air.

2. Open in the morning and close in the evening

California summers tend to heat up quickly, but if you time it out well you can create your own air-conditioned house.  In the morning, open your windows, your doors, and your curtains while it is still cold.  Once temperatures start to rise, close EVERYTHING, yes even your bathroom doors.  The idea is to keep the cool air in the house.

3. Point fans out and counter-clockwise

Fans do much more than just circulate warm air.  If you point your fans out an opened window, you can expel the warm air from the room.  Turn your ceiling fans counter-clockwise to push air up and into your vents rather than on you.

4. Drape cloths on your wrist and neck

Although your go-to spot to place a cool cloth may be your forehead, you have a better chance of cooling off by placing it on your neck or wrists.  Typically, your body can cool faster where your veins are most prominent.  So, your neck, wrists, the back of your knees, and ankles are all great points, see more.

5. Use cotton sheets

Sleeping can feel nearly impossible in the summertime in a home without AC. Sleeping with cotton sheets can help hot nights a bit cooler. Cotton is a breathable fiber that allows air circulation, unlike silk or other fibers that may seem cooler.

Final Notes

We want you to stay cool this summer, so please be safe and drink a lot of water and stay in cool places. We understand that during summer it can be a difficult time when your AC unit goes out, so we provide quick expert services.  Regardless of whether you have air conditioning and you’re looking to reduce your utility bill or you’re in a home without AC, we hope you found some new tips to stay cool.

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