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Why Hydro Jetting is Important During the Fall

California Fall weather can range from 80-degree weather to windy raining weather.  Especially in the Bay Area, the weather can be a bit unpredictable.  With this kind of weather, we try to encourage our audience to take advantage of our hydro jet cleaning service.  We have talked quite a bit about the importance of a hydro jetting cleaning service.

Here’s why it is so important

Hydro jet cleaning service can easily clear debris

With the windy weather that we often get, there can be a severe build-up that can clog your pipes.  Hydro jet cleaning your pipes can remove any stubborn junk that can stick to the sides of your unit.

Hydro jet cleaning can maintain the integrity of your pipes

This service is not one that needs to be repeated several times a month.  We recommend doing this service bi-annually.  This service can keep your pipes running smoothly throughout the year.

Hydro jet cleaning is a non-disrupted cleaning service

We have completed our hydro-jetting service in HOA communities, apartment complexes, multi-family units, and commercial buildings.  We specialize in providing a professional service that will not disrupt homeowners or tenants.

Hydro jet cleaning can find holes, cracks, or points of vulnerability

With the high-pressure power that the hydro jet brings, your contractors will be able to see any cracks that could otherwise be covered by debris.  Often the buildup can get so severe that the constant pressure can cause pipes to rupture.

Hydro jetting for properties and HOA communities is very important.  Maintaining your pipes is important, but going in and cleaning your pipes is equally as important.  New Pipes Inc. is a company that is committed to helping your communities and properties stay safe.  If you would like to learn more about hydro-jetting, we wrote a blog about what it is.  If you would like to request a bid, please contact us.


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