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Hydro Jet Vs Snaking Clear a Clogged Drain

Clear a Clogged Drain – Hydro Jet  VS Snaking Difference

Times have changed when clearing a clogged drain. Way back in the 90’s drain cleaning is completely the opposite today. We used to dig up plumbing pipes and physically removing debris and obstructions. Oldies like me tend to do the snaking while today hydro jetting is now a thing.

Which is better with the two?

 Hydro Jet  VS Snaking

Let us differentiate first the two, Snaking. A drain snake is a very simple tool that can be used to dislodge a clog. It’s a small piece of plastic that can be inserted into the drain, and it has little “teeth” on the sides to provide resistance against hair that could be built up and causing the clog. Hydro-Jetting in the other hand consists of a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle connected to a machine that pressurizes the water, producing a powerful stream that clears the drain.

Advantages and Disadvantages

How to unclog a drain with a drain auger or commonly known as a snake.

Snaking is done primarily when either cleaning the trap or plunging clears a plumbing clog does not work. A coiled spiral snake that’s usually about 1/4-inch thick with a handle on one end is inserted. Pushing the snake in the clog and add a greater force it to farther into the obstruction. Rotate the snake against the blockage until you feel it feed freely into the pipe. The rotating action enables the tip of the snake to attach to the clog and spin it away or chop it up. If the clog is a solid object, the auger head entangles the object. If you don’t feel the auger breaking through and twisting getting easier, pull the auger out of the drain — you’ll likely pull the clog out with it. Snakes can also be fitted with electric drill to maximize power to force through the clog.

How to unclog a drain with a hydro jet

Hydro jetting is a unique and effective way when dealing with clogs. Relying on water hydro jetting process cut through tough materials when subjected to high pressures. A hydro jet uses a specialized nozzle that forces out water at pressures of around 4,000 PSI or more. Typical hydro jetting usually starts off with a thorough video inspection of your clogged pipes. Plumber has a better idea of the state of your plumbing, pinpointing the exact location of the blockage and how much pressure is needed to blast it away. A video inspection can also help plumbers spot areas where root intrusion has taken place and avoid damaging plumbing pipes.

Regular snaking prevents those clogs from forming to begin with. That means no more toilet backflow and less stopped-up sinks to worry about in the future.

Hydro jetting offers a safer and more effective alternative to traditional sewer cleaning methods. Whereas a mechanical auger may damage PVC drain pipes, for example, a hydro jet offers much less risk of damage to pipe walls when used properly.

Hydro jetting is also more effective at removing certain types of materials that often contribute to draining clogs. A hydro jet tool can sweep out fat and grease deposits with relative ease, whereas a mechanical auger could leave behind small deposits.

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