More Plumbing Misconceptions All Managers Should Know

Our team at New Pipes Inc. has specialized in working on commercial and multi-family units for over 20 years.  Plumbing units can be simple to maintain; however, common plumbing misconceptions can result in emergency calls and expensive invoices.  Previously, we aired a blog that covers 4 other plumbing misconceptions and decided to air an updated version.  We have seen many jobs in the Bay Area that could have been avoided with a bit of precaution.

In this article

For this article, we will detail some of the most common plumbing misconceptions that we have seen over the years, and some that we are seeing arise more often.  It is crucial to know what you should watch out for and what could potentially lead to several liabilities if left untreated.  New Pipes Inc. is the top commercial plumbing company that has supported HOA communities, apartment complexes, multi-family homes, and commercial properties.

The plumbing misconceptions that you should know

  1. Your commercial plumbing contractor only knows how to work on your plumbing unit.

While as most brand themselves as commercial plumbing contractors, most are certified to work on HVAC units.  Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor to work on other elements of your property if they are certified.  It would also be important to ensure that your vendor is able to support other parts of your property to ensure that you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

  1. The best time to clean your pipes is after fall

It makes sense to schedule a hydro jet service after fall, however, it can benefit your properties even more if it is done just before.  Because fall brings so much extra debris, it can cause blockage and strain on the piping unit.  Taking the time to schedule a cleaning before the fall, can allow debris to flow through your pipes with ease.  Not to mention, it is a great way to find points of vulnerability.

  1. It’s best to replace your plumbing pipes rather than repair them.

While replacements are needed from time to time it can also be a serious waste of time and money.  If you think you need a piping replacement for your property, read this article first.   Most piping products come with a 25-year warranty, before replacing, check your warranty.

At New Pipes Inc. it is our goal to help managers determine what their best course of action is while working with their budget.  If you feel unsure about a plumbing and HVAC decision, the best route would be to do your own research and then call a professional commercial plumber to perform a free inspection.

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