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PEX vs Copper Plumbing – Which is Best for Your Commercial Property?

When it comes to residential or commercial plumbing systems, it’s essential to choose the right kind of pipe installation that can meet your needs. The most common types of piping are PEX tubing and copper piping, both of which are suitable for both home and business purposes.

Both kinds have their benefits, but choosing the one that will work best for you will rely on how you’re planning to use them. Keep reading below to determine what kind of pipe you should install for your commercial property.

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PEX vs Copper Plumbing: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Property

When deciding which piping material is best for your property, knowing the differences of PEX vs copper plumbing can help you determine the optimal solution for your business. Here are the factors to consider:

Based on Location and Reason

Where you choose to install your pipes and what you’ll be using it for will affect your decision when it comes to choosing between a PEX and copper piping. If you’re handling baseboard heating, radiant floor heating, and other heating services that require a closed-loop system, then you’ll need easy and adaptable pipes that won’t break under such parameters. In this example, PEX tubing is a more suitable piping installation.

On the other hand, copper piping has a wider diameter, which thus creates a surge of water flow. This makes it perfect for plumbing systems that have both an indoor and outdoor setting—and it ticks off all the necessities for building codes, too!

Based on Installation and Purpose

PEX piping fixtures are versatile because it only requires a quick installation process to accomplish. It can also compress and expand without leading to bursting pipes or other plumbing issues. If you live or work at a property that gives you a hard time managing repairs without compromising major damage to your space, PEX piping is well-recommended as the better option.

Meanwhile, copper piping can be a good option as well, especially when it comes to certain situations. For one, it can also help prevent toxic substances from infecting your water system. Beyond that, it’s a sustainable solution, mainly because you can recycle copper piping and reuse it during construction or renovation opportunities.

Based on its Advantages and Disadvantages

PEX piping is an affordable piping system that you can have a 24-hour plumber install in various places. But if you don’t maintain it properly, it can also lead to leakage, contaminating your water, and resulting in damages brought about by pests.

On the other hand, while copper piping may be more expensive than PEX, it is a piping system that can be installed outside your property without worrying about rodents damaging your pipes. It can also resist the presence of too much chlorine or acid. Copper may not be as adjustable as PEX, but it can still provide significant results despite how it’s used.

Based on Your Demands

Choosing between PEX vs copper plumbing requires you to establish your demands concerning the kind of piping system you need. If you know what your piping will have to go through, you can pick the one that will give you better solutions based on its performance and permanence.

PEX piping is recommended for those located in countries experiencing cold temperatures most of the year. At the same time, if your place is susceptible to piping thieves, PEX is hard to disassemble and steal.

Meanwhile, copper piping offers long-lasting and affordable benefits, whether it’s for residential or for commercial purposes. You can have it installed outside your property by 24-hour plumbing services without worrying about any potential problems coming your way.


Choosing the right piping system for you will take time and requires you to take a look at your needs. You can base your decision on where you’re located, what your reason is, how you want it installed, and what your purpose is. By carefully going through each of these factors, you can figure the best plumbing option for your property. You should now know the differences and benefits of PEX vs copper plumbing and use the knowledge to inform your plumbing service needs.

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