Pipe Lining Plumbing Solution Santa Clara CA

What is a pipe lining plumbing solution? Pipe lining is a strategy to help repair and reinforce damaged pipes.  It can also be referred to as Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).  This job involves lining an existing pipe with an epoxy-based liner that can help repair damage and leaks.

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Conducting a video camera inspection
In order to see the extent of the damage on your pipe, we will need to conduct a video camera inspection to find signs of root intrusion, offset pipes, blockage, or other sources of damage. This inspection is recorded for our future records and the client has also issued a copy.

Pipe line cleaning
For our technicians to have access to the pipes that need repairs, we must clean the pipes. Having a clean pathway will enable the liner to set in a more permanent fashion. Once the line is clean, we can start lining the pipe.

Epoxy-based liner
In order to line the pipe, we insert an epoxy-based liner and it is inflated to create an even lining in the pipe. At this point, we must wait for the epoxy to cure.

Conducting the final inspection
Once the lining is cured, the bladder tool used to inflate is removed. One more video camera inspection is made to ensure that the lining has set correctly.

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