5 Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance Tasks to Complete for Your Community Before the Year Ends

As the year comes closer to an end, communities are in much need of service.  For California, it is crucial that you maintain HOA communities to limit the amount of liability, emergency services, and the happiness of your homeowners.  At New Pipes Inc. we have met with several community managers in Santa Clara County.  We offer 24-hour plumbing services and have seen emergency situations that could have been avoided by regular maintenance.  To help alleviate the stress of emergencies, look at our 5 tasks to complete for your community before the year ends.

In this Article

We will go over some plumbing, HVAC, landscape, and a few other maintenance tips that can help reduce emergencies.  Each community is different; however, we strongly recommend that you carefully read through each task and act upon them as soon as you can.

5 HOA Tasks to Complete Before the Year Ends

  1. Heater and duct inspections

With Winter in fast approach, the last thing that you need as a manager is a faulty heater in the middle of Winter.  True inspections will be thorough, a few things you should be sure that your inspection should cover are:

  • Motor and AMP check
  • Heat exchange inspection with a camera
  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Filter changing
  • C/O tests
  • Ductwork inspection
  1. Plumbing inspections & maintenance

It is always helpful to keep detailed records of your piping unit.  Most contractors will perform a pipe unit inspection for free.  Inspections are great because they allow you to know what the internal integrity of your pipes is.  Some commercial plumbers will also provide inspections with a camera recording to give you a more accurate report.

A popular maintenance service that HOA communities can benefit from is hydro jet cleaning.  This gives you the opportunity to see hidden points of vulnerability and clear small and large debris from your pipes.  It is beneficial to have this service about twice a year.

  1. Pool cleaning

Even though you should maintain your pool several times a year, doing it during the fall is important.  With the excess of debris and leaves, it can clog important filters and cause havoc later in the season.  If you have noticed your pool water discolored or an increase of debris, you should call your pool cleaner and schedule a cleaning.

  1. Tree trimming

The weather conditions in California have not got any better.  Wildfires are spreading and we hear on the news about homes being burnt down.  Take precautions to your community.  Make sure that your trees are trimmed, and any dry plants are removed.  This will reduce your chances of fires and help keep your homeowners safe.

  1. Check-in with your homeowners

In the end, we work to keep your homeowners happy.  It is important to check in with homeowners and ensure that they are happy with your community and if they would like to see any changes in the coming years.  Homeowners have a lot of say of what goes on.  Taking in their views and concerns will help plan for next year’s budget and plans.

Helpful Tip

We are a part of the Educational Community of Homeowners (ECHO), with that, it gives us the opportunity to use their resources.  ECHO has a great page on their website that explains why it is necessary to keep track of who oversees what in your community.  They suggest creating a Responsibility Chart that details the responsibility of maintenance on the property and whether it falls on the manager or the homeowner. To learn more, go to the ECHO website.

Contact New Pipes Inc. for all your commercial plumbing and HVAC needs for HOA communities.  We take pride in the services we provide for our clients.  Currently, we are offering heater & duct inspections for HOA communities in the Bay Area.  Our seasoned staff takes each community as if it was the first they’ve seen.  This gives our team the ability to not make any assumptions about your property.  Schedule your inspection today.


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