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How to Create an Emergency Kit

Make your own emergency kit

How to Create an Emergency Kit

Last week, Southern California experienced a 7.1 earthquake on July 5th. Although many infrastructures were spared, the town of Trona is still without water as of Tuesday, July 9th. When it comes to natural disasters, California is renowned for its forest fires and earthquakes. Here at New Pipes Inc, we want to make sure you are prepared for when disaster hits.  One way to be a step ahead is having an emergency kit. Here are the must-haves you will need.


The general rule of thumbs is to have a gallon of water for each person in the household per day. According to the American Red Cross, during a disaster where evacuation is you will need a minimum of a 3-day supply. If you are still going to be at home during a disaster you should have a minimum of a 2-week supply.

Since bottled water usually has a sell-by date year or two, according to many manufacturers. So if you have the extra money, invest into long self-life water. Many packets of emergency water have a shelf-life of up to 5 years. If you want longer shelf-life water, there are 50-year shelf-life cans on the market as well.

Non-Perishable Food

When you go to the grocery store, get a few extra cans. Either get the easy pull back tops or keep a spare can opener. The rules for food rations are the same as water. Have a 3-day supply if you are evacuating or a 2-week supply if you are going to be staying home.

If you want to opt-out of carrying heavy canned food. There are many freeze-dried emergency food kits available.  If you are a Costco membership cardholder you are in luck! Costco frequently has deals on their long self-life emergency food kits. Some emergency food kits can feed a family of four for a year.

A Checklist of Important Things

If you are evacuating, you will need a list to keep you focused during the chaos. Have your list prioritized. Typically, you would want to grab the things of value such as wedding rings, clothes, dental hygiene items.


Flashlight with extra batteries

Radio with extra batteries

First Aid Kit

Copies of Personal Documents

This includes medical records, copies of passports, social security cards, ID’s, birth certificates, homeowner/renter insurance policies, etc.


Do not rely on credit/debit cards. You will need cash. Depending on the severity of the emergency, there can be a possibility that the ATM’s may be offline. Cash will be your best bet if you need to purchase anything.

Baby & Pet Supplies (if applicable)

If you have a baby in the household. Do not forget diapers, baby food, formula, wipes, and all the other essentials. For your pets, don’t forget their food and collar.

Utility Knife


Even if you do not have an elaborate plan on how to survive a natural disaster, having an emergency kit can help. The Federal Emergency Management Agency created an emergency supply recommendation checklist that you can view here.


Here at New Pipes Inc, we believe that everyone should be prepared for the worst. New Pipes Inc. is a seasoned company that is in Santa Clara, CA.  We help commercial buildings, HOA buildings and apartment complexes in supporting their various properties.  From HVAC to commercial plumbing services, we have you covered.  Schedule a free inspection with one of our technicians to ensure that your property’s plumbing structure is secure.  If your property has a leak, we are here to help.

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New Pipes Inc.
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