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How to Winterize Plumbing

Winter can be the time of extreme stress for some building owners.  Pipes freeze, leaks can run amuck, flooding, and clogged pipes. As a 24hr emergency service company that works with commercial plumbing units.  Each year we get dozens of calls that coincide with these top plumbing problems.  And although we are more than happy to help provide our services, we also know that it is extremely inconvenient for tenants or homeowners to have plumbing issues.  Find out how to prepare for winter with these tips. 

How to prepare for winter:

  • Conduct regular water heater tune-ups. Most units will fail during the winter.  We recommend getting your water heater inspected and maintained twice a month.
  • Video sewer line inspections are also very helpful. Unlike regular sewer line inspections, using a video recording allows property managers, and building owners, to see exactly what their contractors see.
  • Hydro jet cleaning can help get all the debris from fall (leaves, sticks, dirt and other debris) out of your pipes. Learn more about the benefits of hydro jetting.
  • Pipe inspection can let you know how your pipes are performing. You can know if you have any cracks or points of vulnerability.

In California, Mother Nature loves to give us the hottest Summers and extremely cold Winters.  It can be great for us, but can sometimes shock your pipes.  Extreme weather changes can do severe damage. We highly recommend taking the necessary steps to protect your HOA, apartment or commercial building.

We can help!

Contact our staff to set up a project walk, request a bid, or request a specific service.  Our team has helped different managers and owners prepare their pipes for the seasons.  For over 15 years, New Pipes Inc. is the best commercial plumbing contractor for your properties.  We provide you a wide span of services and a professional team that will always put your property first.


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