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When to Start Repiping Commercial Property

Repiping Commercial Property 101: Things end, we all know that, but we ride things out till they are barely hanging on, which is fine to do with that shirt your wife wants you to throw out or that old clunker you keep in the garage. One thing that all experienced HOA managers know is that your pipes aren’t something you can wait until the very last minute to replace. Some managers and owners initially believe that repiping commercial property is too big of a project to undertake.

The reality is that it can be managed very efficiently with minimal disruptions to residents. It often costs less than you might think. Given the nature of the project, and is frequently less expensive than the epoxy lining. With specialized crews providing expert solutions, these projects can go quickly. They are often the best way to deal with to piping problems.

Repiping commercial property represents the most permanent fix to plumbing problems. The only fix for certain types of pipes, such as closed loop HVAC piping and many kinds of drain piping. By replacing pipes altogether, you are able to reset the clock on your building. Many new potable water supply piping products carry a 25- year warranty, so you’ll have plenty of protection for years to come.

Signs of When to Start Repiping Commercial Property

Whether you’re currently facing a total of repiping commercial property or are just beginning to find leaks and consider solutions, it’s important to understand the magnitude of your problem with a proper inspection. Be sure to weigh the pros, cons, and costs of each available solution so that you make the right choice for your building.

  1.  Low or unbalanced water pressure

This is usually a sign of severely corroded metallic pipes. When corrosion builds up on the interior of the pipe, water output is greatly reduced to sinks, showers and more.

  1.  Scalding Water or Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Hot water lines often deteriorate faster than cold water lines. When these lines begin to deteriorate, corrosion debris gets trapped and lodged within the anti-scalding devices built into sink valves – preventing these devices from working as designed.

  1.  Discolored Water

Water that has a brown or red tint is a sign of corroded pipes.  When corroded metal flakes off the interior of the pipe it causes water to be discolored. Discolored water can be very toxic if consumed and is a major indicator when to start repiping commercial property.

  1.  Recurring leaks

When pipes begin to fail, they leak.  However, many property owners mistake minor leaks as par for the course when it comes to plumbing.  Although that can be the case in some instances, most often, if your building is more than 20 years old, minor leaks are the number one indicator of an entire piping network that is on the brink of catastrophic failure. It is more than likely your pipes are all around the same age give or take a few years so, once one leak happens to expect much more after that.

  1.  Noisy Plumbing

Pipes and plumbing fixtures are designed to be quiet.  Noisy plumbing is a sure sign that something is wrong.  Since pipes and fixtures are designed to function with a standard amount of both low and or high pressure, variances in pressure can make pipes ‘come alive’ with a variety of clicks, moans, screeches, and thuds.

Plumbing is frequently taken for granted. Since most of your piping systems are buried within your property’s walls, it’s easy to ignore what your pipes might be trying to tell you.  But instead of being complacent, listen to your pipes. They might be trying to warn you of a pending disaster. And if you are experiencing any of these signs, consider repiping commercial property, as it can save you money in the long run and is an unobtrusive solution to a potentially catastrophic situation.

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