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February 7, 2018
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Commercial Hydro Jet Cleaning v Snake Cleaning

Commercial Hydro Jet Cleaning v Snake Cleaning

Stating the year with a clean slate is important, for you and for your pipes.  For commercial properties, HOA communities, apartment homes, and multi-family homes, pipes can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  With our 24hr emergency plumbing service, we see a lot of pipe bursts.  Commercial pipe bursting can open property managers to liability costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here at New Pipes Inc., we offer commercial pipe cleaning for our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have had many managers and property owners ask us which would be a better solution for their properties, hydro jet cleaning v snake cleaning.  While both are very well-known solutions, we thought it would be helpful to our audience that may be having some of the same questions.  See below for the pros and cons of hydro jet cleaning v snake cleaning.

Pros of Snake

– Great for more sensitive pipes

– Fast solution for pipes

Cons of Snake

– The area of clearance is only as wide as the width of the snakehead

– Not as strong of a tool

– More temporary solution to pipe cleaning

Pros for Hydro Jet

Powerful tool to clear grease, roots, and other rougher debris

– Service is only recommended twice a year

– Only water is used to clean pipes, so thus making it environmentally friendly.

Cons for Hydro Jet

– This powerful tool has been known to damage older pipes.  We recommend scheduling an inspection before performing any pipe cleaning service.

– This is not a do-it-yourself project.

What is the best solution?

Each property is different in their own way.  The age, material, and layout all play a hand in what solution is best.  The most important piece to have when making this kind of decision is having a commercial plumber.  Having a plumber that has taken the time to look at your situation and properly assess your pipes is crucially important.  You do not want someone who just picks the most expensive solution.

New Pipes Inc. is the top commercial plumbing and HVAC plumber for the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our expert contractors are trained to treat every property as its own.  Contact our office to set up your free inspection & bid today!

New Pipes Inc.
New Pipes Inc.
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