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Sewer Video Inspection Using the Latest Technology

What is a sewer video inspection? One of the leading plumbing expenses for property owners stems from unmaintained sewer systems and storm drains. From toilet clogs to catastrophic sewage intrusion or storm drain flooding, the time and money put into reacting to these types of plumbing events far outweigh the cost of preventative maintenance. A sewer video inspection is the best way to keep your expenses low and determine what kind of maintenance you will need for your property.

Storm drains are intricate assets of a community that can lead to disaster if not properly and regularly serviced. This is especially true for residences here in the San Francisco Bay Area, including surrounding areas, like San Jose, California, where seasonal storms with a lot of rain can lead to flooding. It is never a bad time to prepare your property for the rainy season. Utilize preventative maintenance strategies like sewer video inspection.

Sewer lines are also a main area of concern when it comes to having proper maintenance. Sewer lines often have subterranean problems that are not outwardly visible. Tree roots have a tendency to penetrate sewer lines and cause havoc, but luckily with the latest advancements in technology, preventative maintenance for sewer lines has become simple and inexpensive.

Sewer video inspection using video technology allows for the following benefits:

• Low-risk application on all types of piping
• High accuracy of the condition of the sewer lines
• Reduces the time it takes to locate the pipe that requires repair
• Prevents un-needed excavation
• Saves money on what could be an expensive pipe repair job

New Pipes, Inc. is your partner when it comes to plumbing, heating, and cooling. To help Community Associations (HOA), Apartment Communities and Commercial Building Owners, New Pipes Inc., is offering a FREE VIDEO CAMERA INSPECTION of your property. Give us a call or visit our website to schedule your video camera inspection online today!


5 thoughts on “Sewer Video Inspection Using the Latest Technology”

  1. I think that using a camera to find a blockage in a sewer pipe is a really smart idea. I bet it saves a lot of time, and money, and locates where the problem is. I can see that being really beneficial.

  2. Kenneth Gladman

    I like that you mentioned how video technology has ended the need for excavation. My neighbors recently had new piping put in and you forget the trouble it is digging up trenches. I got to thinking this is what would have to happen if I needed repairs or inspections. With video surveillance this isn’t an issue.

  3. This is some really good information about a pipe camera. I like what you said about how it can help you save money because it will prevent you having a to do an extensive renovation. That does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you need to stay on a budget for plumbing repairs.

  4. I didn’t realize that there were problems underground that could affect your sewage. It would be pretty important to have a drain line repair service come to check on the system in case anything has caused a problem underground. They would probably have the equipment necessary to cut away tree roots and fill in holes which would be much better than trying to do it yourself. It would be much better to be safe than sorry when working with a sewage line.

  5. I didn’t realize that unmaintained sewer systems are one of the most expensive costs for property owners. It would be very wise to have regular video camera survey’s to make sure that everything is running properly. Prevention is key!

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