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Tips for Your Commercial Furnace

Commercial furnaces can be difficult to maintain. As building owners, if you do not know how to tend to your furnace you can be leaving your tenants freezing this winter. We found an article written by Total Comfort Inc., Signs Your Furnace is in Trouble. This article shares some signs you can look out for so that you may identify problems before they become an emergency. If you mainly depend on your commercial furnace to sustain your building with warmth, you need to be able to keep your furnace in tip-top shape. Below will be some tips explained in the article that we have read to help commercial building owners.

  1. Pay Attention to Odd Noises

– Grinding and booming sounds are not standard sounds a furnace should make. These noises can mean trouble for your commercial furnace.  Grinding can mean that friction is building in your furnace and there are a few parts that need to be replaced. Grinding can lead to overheating and may cause your furnace to burn out. Booming can be a sign that your burner assembly is clogged. Though this can be fixed with a professional cleaning, if it is not cleaned can cause major problems.

  1. Short Cycles

– If you have noticed that your commercial furnace has been shutting down and restarting itself over time, it is important to get maintenance done ASAP. There is a reason why your furnace is doing this. Your furnace is overheating and due to safety precautions, it shuts off. Once the furnace is at a lower temp, it will start again and shut down when it overheats again. This can cause overheating and shorten the lifespan of the furnace.

  1. Higher Heating Bills

– If month after month you are noticing that your heating bill is gradually getting higher, there can be something wrong. Of course, this tip can be used in any bill you receive. Just like higher water bills can insinuate that you can have a leak. A quick inspection of your furnace can alleviate you of paying hundreds of unnecessary dollars.

Here at New Pipes Inc., we service the entirety of the Bay Area. We help office building owners, commercial building owners, apartment buildings, and community associations. It is very important for building owners to look out for signs that their commercial furnace is in trouble. We are your all-around commercial plumber. We provide you with excellent commercial services at your convenience.

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