issues for heater and furnaces

Top Issues for Heater and Furnaces During Winter

The last thing your homeowners or tenants need is coming into a space in the middle of winter and it is freezing cold.  Emergency services during winter can be very expensive, to save you money, we want you to be aware of some of the more common issues for heater and furnaces.  New Pipes Inc. has provided maintenance and repair services for commercial properties and HOA communities for over 20 years.

Top issues for heater and furnaces

– Fan Failures

When your fan fails, it can be caused due to common wear on wires causing them to fray.  Fan failures can be caused by electrical flow issues.

– Ductwork Issues

Ducts are very durable, but it is important to conduct inspections from time to time.  It is important to check for any cracks and holes in your unit.

– Air Circulation Problems

Air circulation problems can range anywhere from belts and bearings to unkept filters.  Filters can last in your unit for a while without replacement.  But an unkept unit can cause excessive heat or poor control over your unit.

– Noisy Furnaces

The bang and clank of your furnace are not normal and should not be ignored.  A noisy furnace can mean there are major mechanical problems with your unit.  This can cause air flow reductions or clogged burners.

We recommend scheduling an inspection of your heater and furnace before the winter.  If you believe you are experiencing any of these issues we recommend that you contact your commercial contractor as soon as you can.  Although issues may not seem as pressing, they can become an emergency quicker than you would imagine.

New Pipes Inc. can help!

Our experienced team is very knowledgeable about different issues for heater and furnaces.  We have trained our staff to treat every unit as its own.  No two buildings or communities are alike, so we won’t treat your units like everyone else’s.  Request our services today!

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