Top Maintenance Practices for Property Managers

Managing properties can be difficult.  As many managers and site owners know, they oversee keeping their tenants happy.  Maintenance can, at times, get forgotten, leaving maintenance emergencies to emerge.  New Pipes Inc. is a 24hr. emergency plumbing company, so we know a lot about emergencies and what the best steps are in avoiding them.  We work with a lot of commercial property managers, apartment complexes and HOA’s.  With more than 20 years of service under our belt, we thought it would be helpful to create a guide to top maintenance practices.

Maintenance Tip #1: Annual / Biannual inspections

Knowing when inspections should take place, can be difficult.  Too many inspections can be a waste of time on your part, but not enough and small leaks can grow to plumbing emergencies.  There is a rule of thumb when your units should be inspected, but know that not all units are the same.

– Repipe inspection (Annual)

– HVAC unit inspection (Biannual)

– Water heater inspection (Annual)

– Video sewer inspection (Annual)

Maintenance Tip #2: Services you should be taking advantage of

There are many services that plumbing and HVAC companies provide to keep your property running smoothly.  Although you may seem like your property will not benefit with some of the services that we will be listing, it is important to talk to your commercial plumber.

– Sewer line repair

Hydro jet drain cleaning


– Copper pipes

– PEX pipes

– Boiler repairs

– Leak repairs

Maintenance Tip #3: Schedule learning sessions

Many vendors are more than happy to set up a luncheon with your office to go over proper maintenance practices and answer questions pertaining to their property.  This will give your managers the opportunities to understand our process and our services.

Maintenance Tip #4: Take advantage of unique offers

We, much like many vendors will email our contacts about special promotions.  We made this one of our top maintenance tips because there are still so many people that do not take advantage of some of the free inspections that we will provide for limited times.

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