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Top Plumbing Misconceptions for Property Managers

Unfortunately, your plumbing system is the most neglected part of your building. Most of the time you don’t notice until your toilet stops working or until an emergency ensues. We decided to take the top misconceptions about plumbing systems and shed a bit of light on it. It is important for property managers to be attentive and no to fall prey to some of these misconceptions. Following any plumbing misconception can cost your property a lot of money and lead to upset tenants and renters.

Plumbing Misconception #1: If you don’t notice anything wrong, then nothing is wrong.

This is always cringe-worthy for plumbers. Of course, if your plumbing fixture is underground, you can’t always see if something is wrong which can lead to severe plumbing emergencies. Some plumbing emergencies can lead to thousands of dollars of damage.

What to do:

Regular inspections.: Regular inspections typically mean about every other month. Pipes can be a very temperamental thing where they can be good, but when things start to go bad, they go bad fast.

Consider sewer lines & storm drain video inspections.: This will give you a better understanding of the condition of your pipes. Plumbing video inspections reduce the time it takes to locate the pipe that may require repair and prevents an unnecessary excavation.

Plumbing Misconception #2: A small leak is no big deal.

We have been in property buildings where they have “the bucket”. When we hear those two words together, it scares us. When leaks happen, it can be two things, your roof or your plumbing fixture. Any size leak that is recognizable to you is already dangerous. This means that there is water damage occurring on your walls. Also, a small leak can only get bigger, so having any size leak is a big deal.

What to do:

Call your plumber.: A leak can be something that can be fixed with haste if notified as soon as it is identified. Calling a plumber is your best bet in the event of working with a leak, there may be other factors that made the leak happen that need to be addressed.

Plumbing Misconception #3: Only call for maintenance when needed.

A genuine plumber is someone who has a partnership with you. Your plumber should be someone you can trust and someone who is more interested in saving you time and money rather than charging you an absurd amount and leaving until the next maintenance call. Your plumber is there to educate you and by helping to provide a better and safer environment.

What to do:

Schedule regular inspections.: Of course, this was already mentioned, but some plumbers will allow you to have a standing inspection date.  You won’t have to worry about scheduling one every other month.
Set up luncheons.: Lunch with your plumber? I know it doesn’t sound very appealing or something that should be done, but more and more property managers are setting up luncheons with their plumbers to educate their staff about problems that they have seen property managers get into.

Plumbing Misconception #4: You don’t need to clean pipes.

If you can’t recall the last time you had the pipes of your property cleaned, you may want to read this. The importance of maintaining cleared and clean pipes will help your pipes last longer and clear any blockages. Your pipes are always dirty, you can help alleviate some of the pressure.

What to do:

Consider hydro jetting.: Hydro jetting is a technique that forces any grime and blockages out of your piping fixture. It is recommended about twice a year.

We hope we have helped you see the light from these plumbing misconceptions. And if you ever have any questions, comments, or would like to schedule a free inspection or consultation you are more than welcome to call our office. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, please call our office for 24-hour support.


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