tips for commercial hvac units, Top Sustainability Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Unit

Top Sustainability Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Unit

With California’s notorious heat wave hitting us all earlier than we have expected, your commercial HVAC unit is more important than ever. Building owners can at times dread this time of year. Energy bills peak at two major points during the year, Winter, and Summer. Bay Area property owners often find themselves paying outrageous energy bills during Summer. To help, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to help reduce your energy bill by using these tips for commercial HVAC units.

Sustainability Tips for your commercial HVAC unit:

Maintain regular inspections

To maintain a well-functioning HVAC unit, it is recommended that you schedule an annual inspection.

– Replace air filters regularly

Some commercial HVAC air filters can be easily replaced, some require an appointment made by your commercial HVAC contractor. Talk to your trusted contractor.

– Know how your commercial HVAC unit is performing now

It is helpful to know how much energy your HVAC unit is using now and make necessary changes by asking your HVAC contractor. Every building is different.

– Repair leaks ASAP

Leaks are never a minor problem; any size leak can create a major problem. Any leak that you find a leak contact your commercial HAVC contractor as soon as possible.

– Maintain a clean unit

Taking a slightly damp rag to the coils of your unit can improve the performance of your unit. A buildup of dust can damper the performance.

– Install programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats can be beneficial for larger buildings. The thermostats will only cool rooms that are being occupied.

– Upgrade your outdated HVAC unit

Updating your HVAC unit can improve your building’s air conditioning. You can also take advantage of innovative technologies.

These top sustainability commercial HVAC services can help keep your unit running smoothly and help you save money on your energy bill.  We hope you found at least one tip that you can use for your properties.  If you have any tips for commercial HVAC units that we didn’t list, let us know!  If you need help maintaining, installing or repairing your HVAC unit we are here to help.

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