Video Camera Inspections

Serving the South Bay, East Bay, & the Peninsula

Video Camera Inspections

Serving the South Bay, East Bay, & the Peninsula

Our team offers FREE Sewer Camera Inspections* for HOA’s, apartments and other commercial properties.

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Free Sewer Camera Inspections

Many plumbing companies can charge what they want because they know that it is essential for a commercial building to get inspections. Our team wants to help relieve the stress on your property. We are committed to bringing value to our clients. That is why we offer our sewer camera inspections for free to HOA communities, apartments and commercial properties.

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*Restrictions may apply, please call our team for more information.

What to expect?

A video inspection is performed by technicians to help diagnose plumbing problems. A camera is attached to a long fiber optic rod. Then the rod is twisted and turned through the pipes. Using this tool, technicians can get a real-time image of what is going down in the pipes. From root intrusion to blockage, camera inspections give plumbers information to make accurate diagnoses.

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Why perform a video camera inspection?

  1. It’s free for HOA communities, apartments and commercial properties.
  2. A non-disrupted service.
  3. No need for unnecessary excavation work
  4. A skilled member of our team to get the job done right the first time.
  5. This is a recorded session that you can have for your records.
  6. Get accurate results and a better understanding of the integrity

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