3 Alarming Indicators That Your Property Needs a Water Heater Replacement

3 Alarming Indicators That Your Property Needs a Water Heater Replacement

Maintaining your units’ amenities goes a long way towards ensuring that you are doing your part as a manager or property owner to keep tenants happy and comfortable. Having hot water during the coldest season of the year is crucial for anyone, especially since most people are avoiding public gatherings for festivities. This is why it’s vital to anticipate potential water heater problems before your tenants have anything negative to report back to you.

What Are Some Indications That You Need a Water Heater Replacement?

Providing the basic amenities of running water, electricity, and heating are non-negotiables for apartment communities. If you want to maintain your tenants and keep them happy, it’s best to keep an eye out for potential disturbances to these needs. Your water heater can fail due to various reasons, with every cause requiring a particular solution. Instead of waiting for the symptoms to happen, you can be more proactive in looking for potential signs of damages.

In this article, we will share three warning signs you should look out for to help assess if you need a water heater replacement.

1. Odd noises

A reason why your heater has rumbling noises could be due to hardened sediment at the bottom of the tank. This is a common sign that your heater is already past its prime. If you suddenly experience a spike in your energy bills, it may be due to compromised water heaters.

Your water heater will then use more gas or electricity to perform normal functions, causing the metal tank to experience more wear and tear. You may spot cracks and tiny holes that can result in leaks that are symptoms of brittle metal. If you see damages upon inspection, we recommend finding a replacement for your current unit.

2. Signs of moisture

When metal heats, it expands to accommodate the changes in temperature. Although this won’t be noticeable for brand new water heaters, you will eventually see its effects from leaks or loose plumbing. These areas where water can escape from its fittings and connections indicate that pressure inside the pipe is leaking. It can be challenging to see if moisture is present around your water heater by yourself. This is why it’s better to contact professional plumbers to diagnose your heating units.

If you ignore these signs of water damage, it can lead to corrosion of your galvanized piping. You may notice rusty water or slight discoloration if your water heater is rusting from the inside. Although you can replace individual pipes, you may have an underlying problem in your tank itself, requiring replacing the entire system.

3. Old age

Sometimes, the simplest cause for needing a water heater replacement is due to old age. Like any appliance, water heaters will have a set expiration date. You can check for the manufacturer’s serial number to interpret its age. It will generally have a coded format that details its manufacturing date in months and years.

Generally, older water heater models that are past 10 years are due for a replacement. Although it won’t show obvious signs of inefficiency, it’s a problem waiting to happen that will be more difficult to maintain over time.


With cooler winter and early spring weather, it’s typical to see a constant rise in using water heaters for various reasons. Since the climate outdoors is much lower, people indoors will want to have hotter baths and meals to stay warm and comfortable. By understanding the potential warning signs of failing water systems, you can execute the necessary repairs and replacements before receiving complaints from tenants about inconveniences. Regular maintenance of your equipment is the best way to avoid a premature water heater replacement.

Dealing with plumbing issues like water heater replacements requires years of expertise and industry experience. If you’re looking for emergency plumbers in Santa Clara to diagnose your water system’s condition, you can trust our team to handle your concerns. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure to give a professional assessment and treatment of your plumbing.


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