winter plumbing maintenance checklist

Winter plumbing maintenance checklist

It is now the time of the year where you go to your search engine and type at Google this search phrase: ““plumbing in the winter”, “winter plumbing maintenance checklist”, “plumbing maintenance this winter” and other variations. When winter hits, plumbing problems skyrocket.

When it comes to preparing your plumbing for winter, you don’t want to be left out in the cold. And wait for the season to end. Here we provide you with a checklist and other tips for you to check your plumbing.

Easy quick steps for winter plumbing Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Check for pipe leaks. Look for any plumbing leaks around your home. Starts checking first on faucets, followed by showerheads, while taking note of the water pressure. If there’s an actual variation of the pressure, this will suggest there’s a leak. Look for the leak, as for our professional technicians to have them repaired right away.
  2. Preventing Clogged Drains: Once a week have cleaning processes treated to your sink and bathtub drains. Combining a mixture of 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1/4 cup cream of tartar. Pour equal amounts into your various drains and follow it with 2 cups of boiling water for each drain.
  3. Pipe Insulation Installed: Foam padding sleeves or special insulating tape to guard your pipes (both hot water and cold water) against freezing. Any exposed pipe or plumbing fixtures should be kept warm with space heaters (lamps) from a safe distance. Every few days, check out pipes in basements or little-used areas of the house to make sure no ice or frost is accumulating or cracks developing.
  4. Running Water: Let the water run throughout the pipes of your house. This will prevent freezing.
  5. Swimming Pool/Hot Tub checks. Start with securing safety latches and have them out of children’s reach. For hot tube cover with an insulated cover to reduce the amount of electricity when you start to heat it up. If unsure ask pool or hot tub contractor for procedures and maintenance on handling the pool and hot tub on the winter season.
  6. Outdoor Spigots and Hoses: Detach garden hoses before freezing temperatures arrive in the fall. Close the shut-off valve on the pipes which lead to your outdoor spigots. Drain any residual water from spigots or hoses. Don’t leave hoses attached to outdoor faucets over the winter; roll up and store till spring.
  7. Sprinkler system: Sprinklers with water can freeze during the cold months. Drain each valve. With the water off, drain each valve that’s linked to the sprinkler system.
  8. Sinks: Do not use the sink as garbage disposal. Dispose of trash properly.
  9. Careful with Grease: Cold weather affects greatly on cooking grease and oils which put a real strain on drains, pipes and garbage disposals. Avoid pouring down the drain. With hard to grind objects or stringy substances have them put into their proper disposal.
  10. Water heater: keep the water heater running condition at good at all times, have them inspected during the fall season. Keep the temperature at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not let yourself get burn having it more than that.

Call for Professional help, we here in NewPipes Inc. we simply get the job done. Problems will occur and it cannot be neglected even though you had followed up this winter plumbing maintenance checklist. We provide licensed plumbing professionals who have provided drain, pipe and fixture repair for residents in the communities of San Jose, California. Learn more about the range of services we offer, visit our plumbing services page today.

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