3 Aspects of Your Apartment Plumbing Systems You Should Understand

3 Aspects of Your Apartment Plumbing Systems You Should Understand

Did you know that only 35 percent of the US population lives in single-family homes? This means that a whopping 65 percent of the population actually build their lives in an apartment. That’s according to a resident’s demographic report by the National Multifamily Housing Council!

As a property manager for an apartment complex, you should be well-informed about your property’s systems. Understanding how your plumbing system is set up and how it works within your apartment building is important in the case of a plumbing issue.

In this article, we’ll tackle the basics of apartment plumbing so that you will be well informed.

What You Should Understand About Your Apartment Plumbing Systems

Your apartment plumbing is a complex system that consists of several pipes, fixtures, and fittings. It serves two primary purposes—to distribute fresh water and dispose of wastewater. It also has two separate subsystems made of pipes: one that brings fresh water inside and the other that delivers wastewater away.

1. How it works

In an apartment building, the plumbing setup is a bit more complicated compared to a regular residential property. But for the most part, the freshwater system requires pressure to move the water up and get distributed throughout the building. On the other hand, the wastewater system doesn’t need this, as the waste liquid moves downward and out of the building.

2. What the two types of systems are

In general, an apartment building can be categorized as either a multi-story or multiple dwelling. The plumbing systems also vary from one type to another, so take note of the following:

  • A multi-story dwelling plumbing system: This is a tall building where the use of pressure from the municipal water supply isn’t enough to distribute water to the entire building. For this reason, a more robust plumbing system is required for equal water distribution and supply. The system will most likely have several pipes, faucets, and valves to ensure water gets where it’s needed.
  • A multiple dwelling plumbing system: This building also has separate apartment units, as with the first type. Yet, it isn’t confronted with the same water pressure issue. Because of this, its plumbing system has more similarities to typical residential homes.

3. What maintenance needs to be done

As with any plumbing system, regular inspection and maintenance are imperative. In fact, it is all the more necessary if you’re looking to maintain your system in your apartment building.

As a property manager, the last thing you will ever want to hear is a plumbing complaint from one or some of your tenants because problems weren’t fixed early on. For this reason, you must schedule a plumbing checkup and upkeep at least once a year. Likewise, be sure to have your tenants report any potential plumbing issues so that they can be addressed immediately.

On the other hand, it is also your sole responsibility as a tenant to take good care of your unit and the plumbing system. This preventative measure merely requires you to regulate water use, ensure proper disposal of wastes, and avoid clogged drains.


At this point, you now have a broader idea of how your apartment plumbing system is set up and how it works within your buildings. Whether you’re a property manager or a tenant, be sure to consider the vital plumbing recommendations discussed above. Ultimately, keeping your plumbing system in top shape and working condition will ensure consistent water supply and proper wastewater drainage so that unwanted situations do not arise!

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